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Level 3 Certificate in Web Design and Development (RQF)


This qualification is designed to instruct how to manage a project that requires the creation of a website and provide the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to work on web development projects. From understanding a web browser and how the internet works to programming on a server to build functinal web applications. It also covers aspects such as web technologies, JavaScript, HTML, internet security and Cascading Style Sheets. It gives the learner an understanding of the jobs available and the work requirements of a web designer or developer. Participants may undergo assessment and have the opportunity to receive a Level 3 Certificate (RQF), which is an industry regulated qualification.

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Tel : 02870 400 955
Email : info@alderhilldigital.co.uk

Cost : £1200.00


There are no pre-requisites to applying for the course but an initial interview will be conducted to assess basic compitence in mathematics and english as well as general apptitude.


Progression could be to job roles or other ICT practitioner qualifications, the job roles could include web design engineer, web developer or webmaster, software developer.

Course Content

22 Units

  • Applied Javascript
  • Applying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Communicating with Internet Technology
  • Configuring an email client to send and receive email in a workplace context
  • Essential JavaScript Principles and Practices
  • JavaScript Programming Techniques
  • JavaScript Technology Extensions
  • Network maintenance and issues
  • Principles of Database Concepts
  • Principles of Internet Security
  • Principles of networking fundamentals
  • Seek job opportunities in Information Technology
  • Server side scripting on web servers
  • Understanding how to Use HTML5
  • Understanding Internet Architecture
  • Understanding Project Management in Information Technology
  • Understanding Web Browsers
  • Using GUI HTML for Website Development
  • Using Internet Services
  • Website development, planning and testing
  • Website Diagram and Design
  • Wireless networking and privacy protection


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