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Our qualifications and courses are designed to address knowledge and skills required for the digital industry.

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Our Centre

A local training environment that is friendly and comfortable and uses the same tools and technology used in the real world.

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Latest Updates

Keep up-to-date with what is going on in our centre and what our staff and learners are up to.

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Work Experience

Work experience is an important part of preparing for a career in the digital sector. We aim to give our learners the best start we can.

New Courses

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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development is a level 3 certificate within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

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Getting Started with Linux

The most popular and widely used operating systems in the world are linux-based. A knowledge of linux is now essential for all developers.

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Building a Website

Do you need a website or you would just like to understand how to create and maintain a website? Sign up for the course to get started learning.

About Us

At our training centre we provide courses in a variety of technologies and technical topics.

Because we are local we a better understanding of the needs of learners from our area. Being local also enables us to have better connections with local businesses and educational institutions.

Our desire is to encourage and increase the knowledge and skills in the digital sector for everyone.

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Up Coming Courses

  • Database Technologies
  • Cyber Security
  • iOS Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • Internet of Things